Taylor Swift ♥

This is for a fan like me. :)

T'was just a few months ago since I realized how much I love Taylor Swift and all her stupendous songs! It feels like she made all of those for me and the rest of the teenage gals. :)

I love how I can relate to her awesome songs. I even downloaded most of it. I mean, Patrick do me a favor, but it's still me and Carlisle who instructed him to do so. LOL. :D Thanks Pat!

I'm glad I have someone like me who loves to listen to TS's songs. And it’s Carlisle. :)

PS: Taylor's just so pretty. Isn't she? :)

4 sweet lime/s:

battering ram said...

taylor fanatic...count me in..hahahaha

♥ greenikz ü ♥ said...

HAHAHAHA maka-inspire iyang mga kanta carl..naka-gama pud laman ko same2x sah iyaha..haha

battering ram said...

ayeee...e-relate jd d.i daun..hahaha awh ako pd nya d.i...ahehehehe

♥ greenikz ü ♥ said...

cge go carl! :D