Hopeful Tries

Sometimes, I breathe deep and ask myself with a sad tone, “Why are people so reckless and dishonest and disrespectful at times?”

And I end up with a lot of reasons popping one by one over my pre-occupied head. The reasons are half understandable and half unacceptable.

Half understandable because, people are naturally like this and like that. They usually do things for their benefit without thinking how that one person on the corner feels.

Half unacceptable because, people take advantage and abuse the goodness and humility you show just to please them for work’s sake. They already let this “something evil” overpower their hearts and minds without thinking for a terrible effect that results to a huge gap between you two.

I always try to evaluate myself. Perhaps I’m the one to be blamed for these kinds of attitudes they possess. But somehow, I try to get back my thoughts of blaming myself, because in the first place, I am trying my best. The only problem is, they wouldn’t just cooperate.

I know and I believe that positive results and joyful rewards cannot be obtained if these dispositions continue to prevail. But I’ll try once more to keep on thinking for upright aftermaths in order to have controlled, honest, and respectful associates, and to end up with a progressive and peaceful workplace.

3 sweet lime/s:

Risha Kalra said...

Hey Greenikz, your name spells harmony.
You know what, we can't change what others think and feel for us, all we can do is be who we really are. You are polite and very sweet, and if they are otherwise, it's not your fault. Just be happy in your skin and smile pretty :)

Greenikz Ü said...
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Greenikz Ü said...

Hi Risha! I feel so warm and glad upon reading your message for me. Thank you so much! I just couldn't bear the pain anymore... I want to burst out but something pulls me back from doing such. I've always wanted good relationship from everybody... but I guess it's really not that easy. 'Cause we can't really please everybody, right?

Thank you... again! ♥ :)