Unwanted blood suckers

I don’t know where these tiny insects came from but most probably, they were from the trash place just beside our office. But… Why here? Why now? When will they leave?

These winged tiny creatures we all hate stayed in for a couple of days already. Flying and gliding and touring around our very own North Pole (Our cold Office Ü) are merely what they are doing. Clasping them so we could take our revenge leads us to sudden frustration. We can’t concentrate on the works of our hands because they catch most of our attention- to trap them on our hands and kill them to death; to scratch the itch and the pain on our bitten skin.

These annoying biting pests and vectors of disease must be out of here! So I thought of buying “Baygon” a mosquito killer just to let go of these unwanted pests inside our second home. I’m obviously afraid for they might be bringing one of the most dangerous ailments that kill hundreds of innocent people just for a day. The greatest talk-of-town, in case you’re unaware, is none other than “Dengue”.  Urgh!

Of course, nobody wants to have this kind of sickness. This could untie your breath and would make you suffer the deepest.

Anyhow, I’m still thinking of some other options and possible solutions to get rid of these unwelcomed visitors the soonest!

Geez! Say goodbye so soon, blood suckers! *evil laugh

2 sweet lime/s:

Zeebs said...

Thanks for the follow! And you have a really awesome blog. (so I shall follow back)

Fact: I couldn't stare at the picture because I have insectophobia.

And not to mention the bites!

♥ greenikz ü ♥ said...

Thank you sweetie. :)
Just don't mind the picture. Hehe.