Never Really Changed

You returned and brought your heart again
Already fixed with lots of regrets
I turned away and left you with a sad song
It hurt you but you never gave up, so...

I was learning to love you again
Though I never really stopped doing it
I tried to move along when you bid goodbye
But it didn't worked out even for a while

So here we are again
Back to where we first begin
Chances were given; Choices were made
And now I see, you still haven't changed

You plead to have it back
Love and trust that didn't last
I was hopeful enough to forbid you
But months after, you threw it all again...

So where is your heart now?
Where is the love you said you have?
Tell me where could I find it...
'Cause I can't even feel a bit of it!

I don't know if I could love you a little better
Cause it seemed like I don't really matter
Unless you're alone and you've got no one
That's when you need me, but I'll never be there...

I'll never be there...
Yes I'll never be there...
I never want to be there again
'Cause you never really changed.

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