Flowers On My Nails

Hello there!

How were the first few days of your November? Well mine, it just went on smooth and fine. Although I had some matters with some people and some things, but I just didn’t let them affect me too much.

Anyway, last November 2 was All Soul’s Day and my aunt suddenly asked us to come with her somewhere… somewhere cool and relaxing! It seemed like she really wanted to be in a certain place where she could unwind from the cooking stress she got after her 40th birthday last November 1st (She cooked almost all the dishes and ended up so happy and fulfilled because all of it were deliciously perfect!).

While on our way down town, she told us to look around and find an open salon where we could have our nails cleaned. We happened to pass by many great salons but unfortunately they were all closed. We tried to look for another and luckily we found Favi Salon open! Hurray!

We went inside and were accommodated very well. I got my toes and fingernails cleaned and polished. Here’s what I decided to let the manicurist do for me:

Colorless nails with little flowers on the corner. Aren’t they so cute, clean, and simple? Well I really believe in the cliché word, “Simplicity is beauty.” And that is indeed the main reason why I just wanted to polish my nails this way. And the output absolutely made me so happy!

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