The Three Days

Two days ago…

…the past returned and sent me an email with his kind of a prudish approach. And expectedly, it ruined the earlier part of my beautiful day. He was asking some non-sense and stupid questions prior to his own self. Well, I didn't intend to mind too much because again, that was past.

He was past. A forgotten history.


…when I was busy editing the things to be delivered to our external campuses, I suddenly received a text from an unregistered number—an unknown number. And when I tried to read the digits one by one, it became so familiar. And I said, “Ah okay. So it’s him.”

I opened the text message to know his intention. The kind of approach he was showing was the typical type he was before—still hadn't changed. And so he sent me messages like somebody who never messed up with me. Wow. What a treacherous man he is.


…he still sends off his greetings and blablabla and I really want to stop him. It’s disgusting, annoying, and I just don’t like it!

But, I realized I should not be that bitter; instead I should be a forgiver. Somehow, that ruthless game he played needs total forgiveness. I don’t wanna be hooked up too much cause again, that was past. I went on with the good flow until he asked if he could call and sing me a song.

I said no, of course! I was surprised and I wasn’t ready to hear his voice. On that certain juncture, I think it’s never the same as before. There really must be a gap-- just a little gap. So he would not expect something in return.

But he insisted… Oh myyy! I stopped for a moment and thought deep.

“Okaaaaayyyy. It’ll just be a song, Nik. You’ll just listen to it. No words will be coming out of your mouth. Why won’t you just give him a chance?”

I pressed the reply button, typed “Ok.”, and sent it. Seconds after, my ringtone played and I picked up my phone. He sang an unfamiliar song with a lovely tune and a… a beautiful voice from no other than him. He’s talented. He sings very well. And that’s so sweet of him to sing me a full song of his new favorite record perhaps.

When I first heard of the first syllable of the first word he sang, I was like being situated in a very romantic place with tiny blinking lights surrounding, sitting in front of a magnificent table setting, and smelling roses from everywhere while listening to somebody who’s singing a beautiful song with a piano accompaniment in it. A perfect one indeed. I listened to him carefully with my headphones on, and begun to smile with much appreciation.

When the song ended, he immediately pressed the end call (because he knows I don’t wanna talk to him over the phone or even in person) and texted me a “goodnight” on a very hot afternoon. He said he got tired from their basketball practice and sleeping will be of big help. Of course I agreed, and I went on blogging. Well, everything happens for a reason. And I still believe on this cliché statement after all.

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