Trust Me

Hi! Here’s what I’ve promised. The English song I’ve written. The words are obviously simple. I decided to just write songs that way so the readers can really comprehend. Right now, we’re still processing the best tune for this composition. I hope we could pursue this and do another record. (Ambitious much) Ü


Oftentimes I fail
And I couldn’t just prevail
All the efforts that I have made
Seem to have slipped away

Oftentimes I say
I’ll do better the next day
Yes I’ve done what I have said
But you never seemed to care

Please have time to listen
Please give me a chance…

What have I done wrong?
What have I done wrong for you to hurt me?
What do I need to prove?
What do I need to prove for you to trust me?

I was losing everyday
But it doesn’t matter anyway
‘Cause I know one day
You’ll be able to trust me

Oh no matter how much I cry
These tears only make me fly
Fly so high that I can reach the sky
The sky for you and I.

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