A supposedly happy day

I am supposedly having a nice day because I have met my 6th grade adviser while I was on my way to school. She waved at me and showed me her blissful smile that reminds me how great of a teacher she was and how she undeniably remembers me after a couple of years.

I entered the campus with a big smile for I know I’ve started my day with happy thoughts. I smiled as I come across every friend I meet along the hallways of the campus. I gave the best attention to my teammates when I get inside our office and they gladly showed me the same.

Everything seemed to be in place. Nothing seemed to ruin my happy day.

Not until an unsophisticated instructor went inside our office, walked towards our telephone, grabbed the handset, and dialed whoever he’s dialing to, without asking first our permission as the residents of the office where he immediately get in, and as the owner of the telephone he’s using. He just bid his words of permission when he’s into putting the handset onto his ear. But we never tend to mind the kind of attitude he portrayed.

“Patawaga ko”, he said.

“Sige, tawag ra diha Sir”, one of my teammates replied.

We continued watching the video project of one of my teammates along with her group mates. Minutes after, they finally decided to go home, take a bath, and go back afterwards... while the said unsophisticated instructor was still hanging on the phone.

Two of our teammates were still asleep while the other one went outside to have a coffee break. So obviously, I was the only responsible one that’s left.

I looked around the reception area where the instructor’s standing and noticed how quite messy and grimy our office is. So I took the broom and slowly sweep off the dust on the floor. As I was carefully sweeping, I heard him speaking at-home related stuffs and non-sense talks over the phone. At the back of my mind, I gradually thought of him using the university telephone over his personal appointments. But still, I ignored what I have heard and continued to sweep.

He finally said his last words over the other line and fixed his belongings on top of the table. And  all of a sudden…

“Miss, kat-on pud ug respeto kabalo kang na’ay tawo, manilhig japon ka. Ug naa gali tawo o na’ay gakaon, ayaw’g panilhig.”

I was totally stunned! I got so scared and nervous… I don’t know what to say! He was so angry! I stopped momentarily, said “Yes Sir, I’m sorry.” But I guess he didn’t hear what I exclaimed.

He still continued to utter a lot of awful words towards me. Feeling so frightened, I just blankly stared on the ground and felt like really humiliated and hurt.

As he prepared to finally leave…

“Ayaw rag laina to akong gisulti. Sige salamat.” He added this statement with an angry stare at me, took a tight grip on the lockset, and boomed the door.

I didn’t move for about two minutes. I just looked on the corner and I was like absolutely and definitely and certainly shocked. Swear!!! Feels like I loosed my self-consciousness the moment he threw unpleasant words right in front of me.

That scene was totally terrible. Horrible like his angry face! He didn’t even try to control whatever his sentiments are with the wrong actions I’ve made.

I admit. I too, made a mistake because I was unaware of what I was already doing, may it be showing respect or the opposite. But what I am now trying to say is that, “How an impolite teacher he was!” I might have done a disrespectful act towards him but he must have not embarrassed me like that. After all, he’s still a teacher. A professional. But it seemed like he has forgotten what he is right now. He forgot how he has to be a good example for the students, not as an unrestrained person in line with his chosen profession.

And that time, as I eagerly wanted to finish my cleaning, I endured with me the feeling of being embarrassed on a morning where I thought would be a happy one. Guess I was wrong.

Truly, you cannot predict what’s going to happen on your day. We sometimes get disappointed because we don’t expect a person or a thing to ruin our day. Perhaps now, this situation shall be lesson for me not to be very happy with anything that favorably happens within my day because what’s next to that can either make you happy still or worst, can ruin your supposedly happy day, and it's really gonna be so sad.

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