Tear Me Here

Three years ago, there was you and me
So close to each other, wanting people to see
Like love birds that go wild and crazy
Everything’s good and right, that’s how are we

There were times that we haven’t talked
Yes it led our hearts to get locked
There were so much I wanted to say
But baby you chose to run away

All these times I thought I was the only one
The one who would turn you to a better man
I thought I was really the one you wished upon
But suddenly you left and chose to be gone

I was hopeful enough for one little chance
That maybe you’d come back asking me to dance
But you never did ‘cause you now had her romance
Never would I again reach your heart’s entrance

I'm Out Of My League Once Again

Somebody introduced this song and it already made me realize how I appreciate its
very lovely tune (most especially the intro), the lyrics behind the song, and of course, the person who popularized it. I've come to hear this song ever since I was a kid.But it became a lot more
meaningful when this somebody dedicated this song for yours truly.

A Special To An Ordinary

So here’s the thing—a special thing. There’s this someone. Okay, let me recognize him as C. We've known each other for a year or two already. C is the kind of a person who knows what I want, what I need and what I love. C has been very much thoughtful to me ever since we knew each other and enjoyed each other’s company. The first time I saw C, I never really got the feeling of being attracted or whatever you want to call it. I just knew C and I would become really good friends.

A few months later, what I knew was really what happened. We became absolutely good friends. Absolutely good friends that it came to a point where I noticed myself how I cared so much. Ironic, isn't it? ‘Cause I only see our relationship as friends. That’s it. No more. No less. And I don’t understand why I easily get sad and mad whenever I see girls flirting around C. Geez! I have my blurry eyes but I can always see C from afar. And when he’s coming over to talk to me, I feel like being the luckiest girl in the world. C always makes me feel comfortable. C never fails to make me smile with the little things C does.

But one day... Yes, just one day... Everything went black. Ahuh, everything was nothing but a disillusionment. I realized how I made a lot of serious expectations and unluckily found myself dead—enveloped in a blanket of real lies. Everything was just a mere something. Just a temporary happiness. Yes. Exactly that’s how it was. That’s how we were. Okay. Now here’s the thing—an ordinary feeling.


Being away from the people you've been with for how many years is indeed one real pain in the chest. I've been missing a lot of people I dearly loved since they chose to be gone.

I just missed how we used to be... how we turned each serious talk into something very memorable... how we always ended up learning from each other's mistakes... how we did silly things that were absolutely not allowable.

Haist... I wish I could be with all of you, again. :'(

When Being Misunderstood

Every person writes or tells her ideas and opinions towards something good or something bad. It’s pretty healthy to know other people’s say on the things you do. But being misunderstood is one real pain… a thing that’s too hard to handle most especially if you don’t want a stain to cover up the clean relationship you have with someone.

No matter what you do, may it be for them to like you or otherwise, they will always have something to say. For an instance, you say things for good but they never try to think of the benefit they could get from your words. And then you write down your feelings in order to help yourself move on from a certain kind of situation and to ease whatever feeling you’re having towards something or someone.

In short, they don’t try to understand what you really mean and what you are already feeling. They immediately do the judging that leads to a whole of misunderstanding. The word itself starts with a negative prefix and actually makes a mess to the entire condition you’re into.

Being misunderstood is never easy. It can be frustrating at times. But sometimes, you never tend to care about what you are feeling because all you wanted is to bring back and save the good bond. On the other side, it also takes a lot of courage and prayers to overcome the struggle of wanting a misunderstanding be fixed. When currently facing a quarrel with someone, you wish you can whisper them to interpret things correctly before they experience such thing and later on realize how definitely hard it is.