Creativity plus Photography ♥

Look at the lens! Whoa!

Smile, Nik!


Preppy me!


Our creativity and passion for having magnificent pictures swallowed the night! I really had a great time. I felt like a real model in a real studio. Thank you Markzz for being so patient. And thank you for capturing the best pictures for our happiness. :)

* Credits to Pylon for the Camera, and to Mark Dave Vendiola for the Photos.

I wanna tell you about me

I am : loving life even though it’s tough sometimes.

I think : I should start planning and sorting and preparing the things I should plan and sort and prepare for the next months to come. Haha!

I know : I am a good follower. And I'll do my very best to be a good leader, soon. Help me Lord. (fingers-crossed)

I want : to be matured enough to handle any kind of situations along the way.

I have : strong determination and motivation. I know I will succeed.

I wish : that our family will never be broken.

I hate : people who are too dependent and irresponsible in a sense that, they will not anymore do their part because they know you’re there, following their mess and taking over their tasks.

I miss: my high school buddies especially my best friends. *Sigh*

I fear : of losing the most important people in my life.

I hear : Taylor Swift’s awesome songs right now. Lalala… :3

I smell : the fragrance of my HiGreen Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer. :D

I crave : for Chicken Salad!!!

I search : for more Taylor Swift songs! Weeeee!

I wonder : why some people are just too irresponsible and insensitive.

I regret : not attending my friend’s debut. Got so jealous with their pictures. Huhu.

I love : being with my “family at home” and my “family in school”. ♥

I ache : when I see street children rooming around with no food to eat, and with no safe and permanent place to stay in.

I was not : able to eat Siomai for weeks. Wanna eat again!!!

I am not : as good, as pretty, and as talented as my idols… but, I’m trying to be one. Haha! Yes, I’m dreaming. :D

I cry : when it comes to my family.

I believe : that someday, I will be able to fulfill my personal dreams as well as my father’s.

I dance : when  I really have to, and when I feel like. Haha!

I sing : everyday! I even have my daily concert at our bathroom. :D

I read : anything.

I don't always : hang-out with friends during nighttime. I’m not allowed to, except for some special occasions. :D

I fight : when I need to. I fight when it’s already too much. I fight when I know I’m on the right track and they are not.

I write : to express how I feel, to share my memories and experiences, and to enhance my writing skills.

I win : when I fight back. Haha.

I lose : when I don’t fight back. Haha.

I never : want to personally hear people talking dreadful things against me. That’s obviously too painful.

I always : bear in mind that being a positive-thinker will help me achieve my goals in life.

I confuse : when I have to choose between two things I want to keep.

I listen : to my subordinates’ opinions and suggestions. I believe that as a leader, I should dwell on this.

I can usually be found : at school and at the Pylon Office.

I am scared : when I walk alone on a dark place with frogs on my way.

I need : to be more patient. I really really need to be more patient. Haha!

I am happy : when I’m appreciated. I mean, who doesn’t? Everybody wants to be appreciated with their good deeds.

I wake up : with a smile and with a prayer.

I sleep : after praying. I sleep after remembering the memories I’ve collected within that day. I sleep after planning some important things for the next day. I sleep after thanking Him for everything. Ü ♥