The Three Days

Two days ago…

…the past returned and sent me an email with his kind of a prudish approach. And expectedly, it ruined the earlier part of my beautiful day. He was asking some non-sense and stupid questions prior to his own self. Well, I didn't intend to mind too much because again, that was past.

He was past. A forgotten history.


…when I was busy editing the things to be delivered to our external campuses, I suddenly received a text from an unregistered number—an unknown number. And when I tried to read the digits one by one, it became so familiar. And I said, “Ah okay. So it’s him.”

I opened the text message to know his intention. The kind of approach he was showing was the typical type he was before—still hadn't changed. And so he sent me messages like somebody who never messed up with me. Wow. What a treacherous man he is.


…he still sends off his greetings and blablabla and I really want to stop him. It’s disgusting, annoying, and I just don’t like it!

But, I realized I should not be that bitter; instead I should be a forgiver. Somehow, that ruthless game he played needs total forgiveness. I don’t wanna be hooked up too much cause again, that was past. I went on with the good flow until he asked if he could call and sing me a song.

I said no, of course! I was surprised and I wasn’t ready to hear his voice. On that certain juncture, I think it’s never the same as before. There really must be a gap-- just a little gap. So he would not expect something in return.

But he insisted… Oh myyy! I stopped for a moment and thought deep.

“Okaaaaayyyy. It’ll just be a song, Nik. You’ll just listen to it. No words will be coming out of your mouth. Why won’t you just give him a chance?”

I pressed the reply button, typed “Ok.”, and sent it. Seconds after, my ringtone played and I picked up my phone. He sang an unfamiliar song with a lovely tune and a… a beautiful voice from no other than him. He’s talented. He sings very well. And that’s so sweet of him to sing me a full song of his new favorite record perhaps.

When I first heard of the first syllable of the first word he sang, I was like being situated in a very romantic place with tiny blinking lights surrounding, sitting in front of a magnificent table setting, and smelling roses from everywhere while listening to somebody who’s singing a beautiful song with a piano accompaniment in it. A perfect one indeed. I listened to him carefully with my headphones on, and begun to smile with much appreciation.

When the song ended, he immediately pressed the end call (because he knows I don’t wanna talk to him over the phone or even in person) and texted me a “goodnight” on a very hot afternoon. He said he got tired from their basketball practice and sleeping will be of big help. Of course I agreed, and I went on blogging. Well, everything happens for a reason. And I still believe on this cliché statement after all.

At School During Enrollment

Skinny jeans. Short skirts. Faded colors.
Loosed shirts. Long sleeves. Mini dresses.
Skin tone flats. Heavy high heels. Cute doll shoes.
Silky straight. Bubbly curls. Messy hairdos.

Slowly walking. Half running. Feeling lost.
Smiling. Laughing. Tears falling.
Solitary. Accompanied. More than five.
Overjoyed. Getting stressed. Very tired.

Rainbow skies. Pouring rain. Sunny day.
Dancing trees. Falling leaves. Happy grasses.
Cherry red walls. Lily white windows. Azure blue roofs.
Busy streets. Dumped trashes. Magical tree in the center.

Snake-like lines. Frown faces. Closed doors.
Angry screams. Hopeless dreams. Wasted time.
Hungry tummy. Thirsty throat. Pale lips.
Wiped sweat. Smiled. Carried on.

They waited. And persisted. Now succeeded.

*I wrote this for about thirty minutes as I was observing closely to what my co-students do as they struggle towards reaching their goal—and that is to take a deep breath after getting in hand their own enrollment slips.

She can't fall

Once or twice is enough
My pain is real rough
It can’t be tamed with your laugh
Yes. Please go. She isn’t tough.

But if you want to, you can call
Don’t be scared, she won’t throw you like a ball
And if you beg, she’ll love you small
But darling, she can’t fall. She can’t fall.

You made things difficult for her
That she can’t be with you anymore
Every little thing you had, you tore
You’re a bad news she can’t adore.

Yes you’re a bad news she can’t adore and she can’t fall in love with you anymore.

What's wrong with you?

You’ve been an honest lover
A seeker for something better
We were happily in love one September
But you’ve changed a lot, you’re now a pretender

Somehow it became my query
Your actions seems to be a huge fantasy
I don’t wanna believe in what I see
You’re now showing off pomposity

And you always do what you wanna do
Without keeping words that must be true
You should know you’re turning me blue
Now tell me what’s wrong with you?


She’s somebody that I used to know
A sincere smile to her I always show
She’s not as white as heaven snow
But talks like evil and thinks I’m too low

She’s a good friend, always my seatmate
She’s always around, never comes late
But everything I do, she has something to potate
And tears running down, making me suffocate

During class time, her stare’s a little crazy
Seems like she hates seeing me merry
But I kill her with my smile that’s too lovely
And she can’t do anything but to be madly envy

The Long Wait is Over!

After how many months of waiting, Taylor Swift’s 4th album entitled RED, is
finally out of the market with its 16 tracks unveiled. Oh myyy! It really made me so happy! ^_^

But since her album won’t reach here in my place, I decided to download all of her songs on YouTube just to hear and get in touch to all of them.  I downloaded the sixteen tracks on Red album, plus Ronan, and the other three deluxe tracks I also found which were not included in her album. I knew that she has thirty-five songs all in all but cannot be released since the album is track-limited.

When I first listened to every new song in her album, I knew they would all be my favorite ones this season. All of them are awesome like her! I couldn't really express how excited I was when October 22 was coming. How much more now that it’s released!

Before, I said I am a Swiftie.
And today I’d still say I am a Swiftie.
A true Swiftie. Forever and Always!


Credits to Google for the pretty images.

Green fingernails

Sometimes, I get close to being so girly for a day like dressing up with my ribbon head band or like polishing my nails with my favorite color—green. This nail polish was actually an unexpected present from a very close friend of mine. He gave me this because he said it doesn't fit on his oh-so-long nails plus his white complexion. It glitters when lightened through the sunshine. It cannot be wiped away too easily. It's just so simple yet it adds color to your beautiful day. Feels like your elegant when you're using this.  I should say it perfectly fits on me when I’m having my long nails.

So here’s a collage picture of my green nails a couple of days ago. ^_^

I so love it! ♥.♥

I knew you were trouble

Here’s another song from my ever-favorite singer/songwriter Taylor Swift, which is actually one of her favorites in her forthcoming album “Red”.

When I first heard of this song, it really made me click the replay button more than ten times. This is a super catchy poppy song which I know you would also love to listen.

The link for its YouTube lyric video is below, you can click it if you want to.



I waited for this song to finally come out of the music world. And Tadaaaaa!!! Taylor Swift's "Red" song which is also the title of her forthcoming album.

Yeah! I really can't wait until the 22nd! ^_^

If you wanna watch a video with its lyrics, just click the link below.


Red- Lyric Video

A supposedly happy day

I am supposedly having a nice day because I have met my 6th grade adviser while I was on my way to school. She waved at me and showed me her blissful smile that reminds me how great of a teacher she was and how she undeniably remembers me after a couple of years.

I entered the campus with a big smile for I know I’ve started my day with happy thoughts. I smiled as I come across every friend I meet along the hallways of the campus. I gave the best attention to my teammates when I get inside our office and they gladly showed me the same.

Everything seemed to be in place. Nothing seemed to ruin my happy day.

Not until an unsophisticated instructor went inside our office, walked towards our telephone, grabbed the handset, and dialed whoever he’s dialing to, without asking first our permission as the residents of the office where he immediately get in, and as the owner of the telephone he’s using. He just bid his words of permission when he’s into putting the handset onto his ear. But we never tend to mind the kind of attitude he portrayed.

“Patawaga ko”, he said.

“Sige, tawag ra diha Sir”, one of my teammates replied.

We continued watching the video project of one of my teammates along with her group mates. Minutes after, they finally decided to go home, take a bath, and go back afterwards... while the said unsophisticated instructor was still hanging on the phone.

Two of our teammates were still asleep while the other one went outside to have a coffee break. So obviously, I was the only responsible one that’s left.

I looked around the reception area where the instructor’s standing and noticed how quite messy and grimy our office is. So I took the broom and slowly sweep off the dust on the floor. As I was carefully sweeping, I heard him speaking at-home related stuffs and non-sense talks over the phone. At the back of my mind, I gradually thought of him using the university telephone over his personal appointments. But still, I ignored what I have heard and continued to sweep.

He finally said his last words over the other line and fixed his belongings on top of the table. And  all of a sudden…

“Miss, kat-on pud ug respeto kabalo kang na’ay tawo, manilhig japon ka. Ug naa gali tawo o na’ay gakaon, ayaw’g panilhig.”

I was totally stunned! I got so scared and nervous… I don’t know what to say! He was so angry! I stopped momentarily, said “Yes Sir, I’m sorry.” But I guess he didn’t hear what I exclaimed.

He still continued to utter a lot of awful words towards me. Feeling so frightened, I just blankly stared on the ground and felt like really humiliated and hurt.

As he prepared to finally leave…

“Ayaw rag laina to akong gisulti. Sige salamat.” He added this statement with an angry stare at me, took a tight grip on the lockset, and boomed the door.

I didn’t move for about two minutes. I just looked on the corner and I was like absolutely and definitely and certainly shocked. Swear!!! Feels like I loosed my self-consciousness the moment he threw unpleasant words right in front of me.

That scene was totally terrible. Horrible like his angry face! He didn’t even try to control whatever his sentiments are with the wrong actions I’ve made.

I admit. I too, made a mistake because I was unaware of what I was already doing, may it be showing respect or the opposite. But what I am now trying to say is that, “How an impolite teacher he was!” I might have done a disrespectful act towards him but he must have not embarrassed me like that. After all, he’s still a teacher. A professional. But it seemed like he has forgotten what he is right now. He forgot how he has to be a good example for the students, not as an unrestrained person in line with his chosen profession.

And that time, as I eagerly wanted to finish my cleaning, I endured with me the feeling of being embarrassed on a morning where I thought would be a happy one. Guess I was wrong.

Truly, you cannot predict what’s going to happen on your day. We sometimes get disappointed because we don’t expect a person or a thing to ruin our day. Perhaps now, this situation shall be lesson for me not to be very happy with anything that favorably happens within my day because what’s next to that can either make you happy still or worst, can ruin your supposedly happy day, and it's really gonna be so sad.

I had a dream

I had a dream
She carried with her a small pin
She looked here and looked around
Then suddenly, she pricked me!

I had dream
She laughed really hard at me
Took a knife beside her dirty skin
And suddenly, she stabbed an innocent lady!

I had a dream
She screamed as my blood splashed upon her face
She put her ear on top of my chest
And suddenly, she got scared and walked away!

I had a dream
She’s seen by an angel crying on a dark little corner
She’s sorry and she said she didn’t mean to hurt her
And suddenly, I was awakened and I realized
how “She” turned out to be “Me”.

Begin Again

She always has a surprise with her songs. Awesome like it will be. Yay! My ever favorite country girl is back with her ever gorgeous voice. Can't wait for the full album! :)

Taylor Swift will always have a big space in my heart! 

Took a deep breath in the mirror 
He didn’t like it when I wore high heels, but I do 
Turned the lock and put my headphones on 
He always said he didn’t get this song but I do, I do 

Walked in expecting you’d be late 
But you got here early 
And you stand and wait 
And I walk to you 
You pulled my chair out and helped me 
And you don’t know how nice that is 
But I do 

And you throw your head back laughing like a little kid 
I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny ‘cause he never did 
I’ve been spending the last 8 months thinking all love ever does 
Is break and burn and end 
But on a Wednesday in a cafe I watched it begin again 

You said you never met one girl 
Who has as many James Taylor records as you 
But I do 
We tell stories and you don’t know why I’m coming off a little shy 
But I do 

But you throw your head back laughing like a little kid 
I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny ‘cause he never did 
I’ve been spending the last 8 months thinking all love ever does 
Is break and burn and end 
But on a Wednesday in a cafe I watched it begin again 

And we walk down the block to my car 
And I almost brought him up 
But you start to talk about the movies 
That your family watches every single Christmas 
And I won’t talk about that 
For the first time, what’s past is past 

‘Cause you throw your head back laughing like a little kid 
I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny ‘cause he never did 
I’ve been spending the last 8 months thinking all love ever does 
Is break and burn and end 
Then on a Wednesday in a cafe I watched it begin again 
Then on a Wednesday in a cafe I watched it begin again

Trust Me

Hi! Here’s what I’ve promised. The English song I’ve written. The words are obviously simple. I decided to just write songs that way so the readers can really comprehend. Right now, we’re still processing the best tune for this composition. I hope we could pursue this and do another record. (Ambitious much) Ü


Oftentimes I fail
And I couldn’t just prevail
All the efforts that I have made
Seem to have slipped away

Oftentimes I say
I’ll do better the next day
Yes I’ve done what I have said
But you never seemed to care

Please have time to listen
Please give me a chance…

What have I done wrong?
What have I done wrong for you to hurt me?
What do I need to prove?
What do I need to prove for you to trust me?

I was losing everyday
But it doesn’t matter anyway
‘Cause I know one day
You’ll be able to trust me

Oh no matter how much I cry
These tears only make me fly
Fly so high that I can reach the sky
The sky for you and I.