At School During Enrollment

Skinny jeans. Short skirts. Faded colors.
Loosed shirts. Long sleeves. Mini dresses.
Skin tone flats. Heavy high heels. Cute doll shoes.
Silky straight. Bubbly curls. Messy hairdos.

Slowly walking. Half running. Feeling lost.
Smiling. Laughing. Tears falling.
Solitary. Accompanied. More than five.
Overjoyed. Getting stressed. Very tired.

Rainbow skies. Pouring rain. Sunny day.
Dancing trees. Falling leaves. Happy grasses.
Cherry red walls. Lily white windows. Azure blue roofs.
Busy streets. Dumped trashes. Magical tree in the center.

Snake-like lines. Frown faces. Closed doors.
Angry screams. Hopeless dreams. Wasted time.
Hungry tummy. Thirsty throat. Pale lips.
Wiped sweat. Smiled. Carried on.

They waited. And persisted. Now succeeded.

*I wrote this for about thirty minutes as I was observing closely to what my co-students do as they struggle towards reaching their goal—and that is to take a deep breath after getting in hand their own enrollment slips.

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