unforgetable night

"Having friends that could help me escape from my deepest nightmare made me a better person.."

Yes. Last night was totally a very special momentum for me. I had so many realizations in life. I thought I could handle and solve my own problem but I realized that I really can't do it myself. I need advisers to comment or even give extreme opinions to the things I've done. This way, I would know the things I have to know, change some things that should be done right and learn from the things that I was aware of doing so.

Honestly, I felt embarassed while talking in front of them but I have to be more courageous to speak and confess everything just to make myself relieved and free from guilt. I knew that they may somehow think of anything against me but it didn't bother me that much because I know that they are one of the best person's I should consult about the things I've been through. And undeniably, they were really there to listen and give the best advices they can give for my own sake.

A million thanks to Inay, Conney, Arianne and Happy face. And most especially to our savior Lord Jesus Christ for the enlightenment He gave me. Indeed, I learned much from the mistakes I've done. And I'd swear to change, for the better.