The First Song

Just a few weeks ago, me and my co-Pylonite Juni, decided to make a song, a good song, with a lovely tune that would kill our urge of creating something we can call our own. The lyric's not that good, I know... I know. It's too emotional and probably you won't like it. But let me just share it with you. *grin

This song is about a girl (basically not me! :D) who's singing to bring back the love of her life. The only man she loved. The once loving one who turned into a fearless stranger. The one who made fake promises. The one who got away so swiftly. The one who never came back. 

Both of us are so ambitious that we even plan to make a music video while playing and singing this song. Actually, we once tried recording it on a video phone just to hear how we sounded like. And one of our teammates said it's like a song that's been played on a radio. Oh! How I flashed a big smile upon hearing her said that. Lol!

So here's our thing, our first ever Tagalog song. My apology to those who cannot understand. We're still on the process of creating the tune of our second song which is already in English language so all of us can understand. Thank you to those who will appreciate it as well as to the opposition. :)


Ikaw Pa Rin

Verse 1:
Sabi mo sa'kin
Lahat ay kayang gawin
Ako'y iyong poprotektahan
Kailanma'y di iiwanan


Ngunit bakit ganon?
Ika'y biglang naglaho


Kahit kailan
Hindi ko pa rin maiwasan
Ikaw pa rin ang laman
Ng puso kong iyong nasugatan

Verse 2:
Kaya kong ibalik
Ang nakaraan
Kaya kong ipagpatuloy
Ang nasimulan


Ngunit bakit ganon?
Ikaw pa rin mahal ko

(Back to Chorus1)


Pero lahat sayo'y nagbago
Di na ako'ng iyong gusto
Tuluyan ka ng lumayo
At ako'y iyong binigo... Ohh...

(Back to Chorus1)

Chorus 2:

Kahit kailan
Ayoko pa ring iwasan
Ikaw, ikaw, ikaw lang
Ang laman ng pusong nasugatan