Taylor Swift ♥

This is for a fan like me. :)

T'was just a few months ago since I realized how much I love Taylor Swift and all her stupendous songs! It feels like she made all of those for me and the rest of the teenage gals. :)

I love how I can relate to her awesome songs. I even downloaded most of it. I mean, Patrick do me a favor, but it's still me and Carlisle who instructed him to do so. LOL. :D Thanks Pat!

I'm glad I have someone like me who loves to listen to TS's songs. And it’s Carlisle. :)

PS: Taylor's just so pretty. Isn't she? :)

I don't want a race

Yes. No. Maybe.

I don't know the real cause behind it. But there's really something in you, something between us that I can't bear to grip.

I don't know why it has to be that way. But I really want us to be okay. "Okay" in a sense that there will never be any competiton in the center.

I don't know. But I can really feel it.

Yep, I don't want a race. :(

But I have to

Guess what? I don't feel like walking along the scorching heat of the sun towards the building next to ampitheater and climb their wooden then cemented stairs and finally face our so-much-boring accounting instructor.

But I have to.

The long wait is almost over

The long wait is almost over. The most important man in my life is about to go home. Few more days to go and I'll be seeing him again... Few more days to go and I'll be embracing the person I so missed for four consecutive years. I'm so happy. I AM SO HAPPY! :)))) Thank you Lord God! Thank you so much!