when LOVE takes over..

Usually, the heart rules over the mind.

That's why teenagers nowadays doesn't think of the possible effect or result of what they are doing. They just want to be free and enjoy life as teenagers of today's generation..

LOVE. Does teenagers really know the real meaning of this word? If I were to answer, I don't really know the true connotation and how to deal with this certain powerful thing. All I know is I follow what my heart is trying to tell me..whether it may be a significant love or just a mere infatuation. I have been very careless ever since I entered the kingdom of love. Not to the person I love, but to myself indeed. Even if I know that I would get hurt, I still persist to love that person because no matter what I do, I can't bear the fact that I cannot properly concentrate on something I am presently doing if I got a dillema about him. Obviously, it's really different when you're so much in love and you're so much hurt. These two things makes a teenager's life meaningful and on the other side, miserable. Some even attempt to do bad things against themselves when they think they can't take it anymore. Others just forget everything that had happened to them for they just think that it's useless anymore since it ended already. People who haven't been in love might say that people whose undergoing this kind of situation are kinda over acting because of surrogating such things like this. But maybe someday they would know how it feels to be in pain when they finally experience being hurt by the person they love.

With the situation I am undergoing right now, I could really say that it is so hard. I'm finding ways to let myself enjoy life while I'm still living. I still have lots of things to prove, so much to experience, so much to do and so much to say. hehe. God is still having plenty of plans for me. I know someday I can get through this sorrow. Perhaps it's just a matter of time. And prayers will help me move on from this major major kind of pain and sadness.

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updates please... ^_^

Media-Girl said...

haixt..dghana pud paikot sa imo blog f mu post ta og comment oi....