Thank you! :)

"You bring out the best in me like no one else can do.." :))

..wew! I never thought of this! I feel so blessed..the warm hug of my friends makes me think that I am not alone, really. They were there all along..they give all the best advices they can..whenever I cry, they sit beside me and let me lean on their shoulders..and when they see me wearing a frown face, they will immediately ask me what's wrong. I am so grateful to have such friends like them. They are the ones who understands me most of the time and they strengthens me everytime I feel like I'm gonna breakdown and cry.

Another important person in my life who still sends his care and concern for me is my long time elementary crush who went out to be my boyfriend during my highschool years..although we ended up so sudden last summer and felt so much pain within each other, we still manage to say "hi" and smile whenever we come across the corridors of our short, we're still friends..and i'm super duper glad that we are. :)) I also can't deny the fact that i'm happy everytime he calls at home just to make sure that we're doing fine. My mother and brother loves him and treats him as part of our family. But we are not thinking nor planning to get back to each other's arms again and begin to have a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship..we just enjoy every single moment that we do together with my family. Thanks so much to him for being so nice and generous to me and to my siblings. :))


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