I need more...

Being a writer isn’t an easy task. It takes knowledge and persistence to complete a single piece of writing. It needs total strength to be active so writing sessions would turn out fun. It requires presence of mind and concentration to be able to come up with a very good one.

Since we are already starting to produce the yearbook for this year, we need to successfully get our tasks done before the given deadlines. I must admit, I’m afraid. Afraid of not being able to take in the pressures and afraid of committing mistakes as well.

Series of workshops were set for us, thanks to Ate Janjie for that very great idea. Indeed, that can help us carry out and improve our writing skills. But there’s one thing I am sure of, that is, I still need some more… MORE AND MORE PRACTICE! I know someday I will be as good as my huge inspirations.

This is really for me

When I joined Pylon and fortunately became a part of the team, I told myself, “This is really for me. Pylon is really for me”. Finally, I was able to prove to everybody that I can deal with written examinations, interviews, and stuffs.

This achievement, this opportunity, this dream… has finally come true. Thank you so much Lord for giving this to me. You know how delightful I am to have this; you know how much I wanted to be a part of an organization like this. I am truly your child. You really are my Father. You know what’s best for me; you know what my heart truly desires.

To the group of people who consists the team, the ever energetic and powerful Pylonites, thank you for choosing them as my mates. Thank you for the hospitality and the warm treatment they've given to me. I am enchanted and grateful to meet them and be with them until this point of time. I love them so much. They are indeed significant like my family.

All that I love

All that I love are plebian they say

I dispute because I know mine are totally rare

Everyone has variety of things to adore

Therefore I conclude they must grasp it well

One is writing

I say it’s barefaced

Hearing their comments?

Well vengeance is set

This is my anthology

And I possess self-indulgence

I care less of what they say

Perhaps I know they are much deceitful

It’s a mixture of tragedy and everything

A crevice to a playful imagination

A talent which they never have

A gift which I gratefully love

Dear You,

You heard me? No more next time. I hope you got it boy.

It was a dark and stormy night...

It was a dark and stormy night. I slowly walked through a stony pathway towards my destination. Suddenly, I heard a creepy sound just behind my back. I knew it was someone, but I ignored and continue to walk instead.

Finally, I reached the hallway facing the amphitheater. I feel nervous, afraid and I could feel the chilling bones inside my body. Perhaps, it was just my imagination that someone is looking at me so I continue to stand still.

But then the feeling that someone’s following me become stronger and I just knew that the feeling is true. A stranger’s behind me and I don’t know what he’s up to… I could hear my heartbeat beating louder and louder as my footsteps become faster and faster! I have to run! Run away as fast as I can!

I was almost at the gate running and hoping that the guard would see me. But no one was around! “I don’t want to look back, I just need to get out of here”, I told myself. Just then, a beam of light broke the darkness. But the light was fading.

Is this a dream? Can someone please wake me up? Please I’m begging for someone to please wake me up. My legs are now all weak. I can’t move. The feeling of someone’s right behind me is really getting stronger. Please… someone, help! I can’t see anything now. God, please give me back the light.

As I struggle to move, I heard an unknown voice. A cold and soulless voice that whisper into my ear “I got you laid”. Right then, I froze with fear.

I stopped breathing for a moment. I didn’t know what to do. I shook with fright. When I looked at my back I was relieved. It was “Scarface”. God! Good thing the guard is here. “Somebody’s following me awhile ago” I told him.

The guard said, “Its okay, you’re safe now”. What a relief! He accompanied me until I reached the gate. I thank him for being so nice. I am now on my way home with a smile on my face realizing that “Scarface” isn’t that bad all.

At last! I’m finally home, safe and sound. I took a very deep breath and sat down. I thought of the creepy situation I was into few hours ago. Oh God! Thank you for bringing me home protected. Thank you to Scarface. He saved me.

* * *


It's so hard to break a promise to someone so special to you. But what if temptation comes to screw you up? Will you choose to break a promise or engage yourself to an extreme attraction?


I'm glad to finally realized that there are certain things I should take time to think about. There are lots of things that must be prioritized first rather than thinking of some other useless and unimportant matters. That's what I just realized now that I experienced several pains and heart aches. Through this, I believe I become stronger.

I'm back B!

The last time I posted something here was last year then. Gosh.

I miss sharing my thoughts here. I admit I pay no more attention to this site. And now I feel the guilt.

Many times I say I will write here but I haven't done it the previous months. I honestly miss my writing sessions. And here I am now, finally ready to share my new thoughts and latest experiences. I'm glad I was able to publish something here.



“..I thought he loves me. I thought he’s sincere. I thought he’s faithful. I thought he’s not like others. I thought he’s something I can be proud of. I thought his promises were true. I thought he could be a partner. I thought he’d never do that.."