This is really for me

When I joined Pylon and fortunately became a part of the team, I told myself, “This is really for me. Pylon is really for me”. Finally, I was able to prove to everybody that I can deal with written examinations, interviews, and stuffs.

This achievement, this opportunity, this dream… has finally come true. Thank you so much Lord for giving this to me. You know how delightful I am to have this; you know how much I wanted to be a part of an organization like this. I am truly your child. You really are my Father. You know what’s best for me; you know what my heart truly desires.

To the group of people who consists the team, the ever energetic and powerful Pylonites, thank you for choosing them as my mates. Thank you for the hospitality and the warm treatment they've given to me. I am enchanted and grateful to meet them and be with them until this point of time. I love them so much. They are indeed significant like my family.

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