That's all I ever wanted

It was four consecutive years since he left for good. And now, after the painful goodbyes and the lonely cries, he’s eventually back. We were totally surprised by his presence. He never told us that he’d come back on that very day. Or neither called us to pick him up on the port area. He went home without any sign. But it doesn’t matter at all. As long as he’s with us again, everything’s well.

Days passed so fast. We were so happy until one day, an uninvited and imprudent and insensitive and brainless creature came in and ruin the most priceless possession I have.

I could hear the silent painful cries of Mama. We were all shattered. Little brother’s always crying. And I was always crying too. We can’t imagine how Papa could ever do such. But according to him, it was all because of the difficulties he encountered, that was the only reason why he did that.

I don’t know how to fully understand and accept it. But I have to. I’m denying so hard, please forgive me. I just don’t want a broken family.

Now, everything about it is moderately fine. I know problems do really arise. I just hope the pain’s going to heal so soon. And God will let us forget the aches, and start another chapter of our lives together.

A complete and happy family. That’s all I ever wanted.

3 sweet lime/s:

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

tsk tsk. i could relate to your pain. i am so sorry. :'(

God will help you ease the pain, worry not.

eprilis said...

Awww. I hope everything would be okay,dear. Just keep praying, God hears. He knows all your troubles and He loves you.
Stay strong,ok? *hugs*

♥ greenikz ü ♥ said...

@rolyn: Thank you for comfort rolz. :) I believe He will. :)

@eprilis: hello! :) thank you for the comment. And also, thank you so much for the kind comfort. I'll stay strong, I promise. :)