Damn Pretender

You were there
Sitting like nothing happened
Talking like you’ve never hurt
Telling me that I don’t deserve

I was here
Walking like a lonely stray cat
Finding reasons why you did that
Keeping these tears from falling, but…

Go on! Don’t ever come back
Move on! Never let me see any glimpse of you
Gel lost! You damn pretender
You’ll never know what you’ve got
‘Til you realize how I was so important

They were there
Looking at you, looking at me
Asking what happened to our story
Wanting us to get back and build another memory

We were here
Blaming on each other why it ended too soon
Crying like this can never be fixed
Pretending so real ‘cause we know we can never go back

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battering ram said...


♥ greenikz ü ♥ said...

cheka rana carl..hahaha

battering ram said...

hehe...ako.a pd nya nik cheka pd...hehehe

♥ greenikz ü ♥ said...

cgeh carl. kay mu basa ko and comment pud. :)