One Big Responsibility

It was a year ago when I had my first evaluation with my eyes blind-folded, and was sited in front of the staffs that were in a semi-circle position. Frightened, I continued to answer their questions but remained so conscious with myself and with the words I have uttered.

Back then, I could still remember the BIG question I never knew I would be asked about (or most probably, every one of us was actually asked about that. Loading!). Some untrue and unbelievable and intriguing questions were also asked from me. (Whoa! Help!)

After a year of hard work and persistence, I was able to make it. I became one of them. At last! I can already prove to everyone that I can be a part of a BIG university organization like this; at last! I can already take flight to a brand new place and meet new set of friends; at last! My dream has finally come true. Thanks to YOU. Ü

My stay in Pylon is far more different from any other organizations in school. Hell yeah! It’s beyond compare! The tasks given were super fun though tiring. The big events and activities are must-awaiting. The benefits and incentives are so inviting. I can never imagine how blessed I am to have a lifetime opportunity like this. This wonderful thing is indeed a very big advantage for me.

Few weeks ago, I was called by Ate Janjie and Markzz regarding some serious and important matters. We met at Chantilly then. There, the most unexpected thing happened.

I was chilled and I got stunned. God, I was so speechless. I didn’t know what to say. (Lord, why? But thank you! Thank you so much.) That was all that was running through my head. Seconds after, I finally said yes and shook my head up. I pressed my cheeks and felt the tears that were about to come out but I really tried not to let it fall down. (Whoa! This is it! This is really is it! Lord, you mean, I’ll lead the big group? You mean, I’ll be the next EIC na jud? Waaaaaaa! Bitaw Lord uyy, thank you jud kaayo ani. Thank you for entrusting me the whole team, thank you for believing in my capacity, thank you for the great opportunity.) Another random thought in my mind.

I also would like to thank the Pylonites, most especially Ma’am Beth, Ate Janjie, Markzz, and all the Department heads for allowing me to run the group and for believing that I can do it despite all my negativities.

And so, I suppose this is the start of the next big phenomenon. I guess I should admit that I’ve achieved another thing. And yes, I’ve bloomed now. Thank you Lord! You’ve really brought out what’s in me. I love you! I owe this to you. I’ll do everything I can to repay the goodness you gave. Be with me as I take the lead. Ü

2 sweet lime/s:

battering ram said...

congratz jud nik...te janj and company had made the wisest decixon nik...kaya na nmu...looking forward 4 the next yearbook nik..hehehe

♥ greenikz ü ♥ said...

na-pressure ko sa imung message carl..pero happy ko. Ü Thank you kaau jd! I hope jud makaya nako puhon carl. Bisita ra biya japun ha if naa paka dri negros. :)