Pineapple Day!

Guess what? I’m feeling better now. Yehey! Thanks to Karlo Dindo “Choka” Manuales Torres. He is one of the wonderful reasons why I can now manage to smile and laugh. The other reason will remain a secret for now. :P

I’m so glad that at least I forgot the feeling of being confused and sad and mad even just for a short period of time. And the cure to my stinging pain was three slices of Pineapple fruit that costs P5.00 per slice. *grin

I was lucky enough to have met Choka at the canteen and was so patient of treating me anything I want. Hahaha! And so, when we stopped over Auntie Ynez’s stall, he found something that would really satisfy my appetite.

I could only say how Choka love me for real. And that will never be a lie. =) (Chos! Of course because we're friends.Ü)

PS: Now tell me how sweet my Karlo Dindo is. He's more like a brother to me. ♥

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