Dreams get sweeter when you're at peace

♥ F and N ♥
~ Friends Again ~
‘Twas a fine Tuesday evening when I again thought of the painful words she threw on the inboxes of her friends who then was mine too. With the hurt that was still beating on me, I thought of sending one single message to the contacts on my phone, merely about her and my anger towards her.

I believed that expressing my feelings through it will let me forget the feeling that was crashing down on me. I really want the ache to run off from my veins even just for that night so I can concentrate on my history reading. From the moment she started to talk dreadful things about me, I didn’t take revenge by telling awful things about her just like what she actually did.

Suddenly, I received a text message from an unknown number. The digits looked very familiar. When I decided to open the text, it was her.

Surprised. Startled. Shivering.

I started reading her message. I really wasn’t expecting her to stoop down on me like that.

“Dreams get sweeter when you’re at peace, Nik. So I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”

This is the middle statement of her serious and sincere apology when she finally asked for forgiveness from me.

Then, we exchanged thoughts and expressed each other’s side. It took us hours to finally be able to cut the conversation with a smile. Yes, with a smile. I bestowed on her the forgiveness she asked from me without tiny pieces of fake thoughts and white lies. I showed her real clemency. I gave her real amnesty. Swear.

Before I closed my eyes, I smiled. Before I slept, I thanked Him so much for enlightening us both. Indeed, He let us fixed the heart-trending issue I thought would never end. He made it happen because He wants His little girls to be happy. Thank you Papa Jesus. J

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