Stir-Crazy Girl

Maybe you get the impression
that I’m not as smart as you are
because I barely say anything.

I’m quiet, that’s true,
but still water runs deep, you know.

You’re always trying to raise a stink.
I want to kick up such a fuss on your face!
You need to learn that
a still tongue makes a wise head.

I don’t really mind
if I stirred you up so much!
You ought to know
how sarcastic you are
for reacting like you’re the one
who’s being referred to.

And then you tend to scare me
with your silly group message about me?
Oh come on girl!
Don’t be too stir-crazy!

They say stitch in time saves nine.
But I really don’t think I’d spend my time
just for a mean girl like you.

You don’t deserve
any of my precious time.
Please solve your own issues
because I don’t give a damn.

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