Autumn Cry

And with just one mistake
You threw me on that stake
What a mess did you make?
I’ll be living with this ache

You caused me so much pain
Oh please how could I gain?
It’s you I have to blame
You made me go insane

I won’t deny
I'll claim that I lied
Don’t tell me this is goodbye
I’ll truly have an autumn cry

You’re mad, I’m sad
I never thought what I had
Sorry, it’s my bad
But don’t scratch me like a pad


2 sweet lime/s:

Palak Dua said...

well dats a really vei nice post :) i liked it loads.specially the rhyming u ve created amazing :) btw thanx fr becoming a follower of ma blog :)

Greenikz Ü said...

@palak: Oh really? Thanks a lot! =) God bless you.