Dear Bloggary,

11:01 PM- This time, I am facing my green record notebook full of difficult words to memorize and understand. But since tomorrow’s going to be one of the hardest days of my junior college life, I will be dealing with these hard terms the best I can. I will make sure that these super tired eyes will refrain from closing because tonight, I will be morni-ing the night.

Now, as these business terms go rounding inside my head, I want to pause and do something else. I guess I need some sort of relaxation… a diversion. Yes, a diversion indeed!

I grab my precious pen and green little notebook out of my case. Maybe this is the right time to let go of this “something” I have kept for a week now.

11:30 PM- Tadaaaaaaaaa! So here’s what I have wrote for half an hour. I captured it with a negative effect so you would be so curious to know what my poem is really all about.

Well, this is made up of emotional spices and letting-go-of-you flavor. It started with how I first blend with this certain person until we got cooked into a very bitter dish. That’s when I felt that I was already falling when in fact, I should not. My connection with him must not reach that far.

So much for that, let me tell you what happened next.

11:51 PM- Papa prepared a cup of hot coffee and sliced pandesal for my overnight session. He said he made it for his little girl (Papa still considers me as his little girl even though I’m not anymore suitable for that name) so she would be more active with her study. And of course, the hot coffee is for her to stay warm and wide awake amidst the coldness of the night.

I so love my Papa. He will always be one of the reasons for my perseverance. I will make you proud of me, Pa.

After dealing with my diversion, I get back to my reading and understanding and memorizing sessions. 

Fortunately, I was able to put in mind all the bits and pieces of those complex terms. Thank you Lord! To You be the glory! ♥

2 sweet lime/s:

jerome lumpayao said...

God bless on your academic endeavor:)

Greenikz Ü said...

Thank you. Likewise gerome. :)