No more Pretending.

You were just a close ally at first
The one who takes away my thirst
Until one day you made my heart go burst
Then slowly made me realize I’m at worst

You turned to be someone so special
That my heart skips a beat when I see your facial
Your smile, added with your astonishing potential
Certainly made my existence so crucial

Perhaps it’s time for me to stop
To vanish all my love from the top
This change might cause us a huge gap
But I’ll give in because this feeling’s a crap

To you I may now be a sort of nothing
That you currently find my actions so disgusting
Don’t worry, though this heart is silently crying
It’ll soon mend and there’ll be no more pretending

2 sweet lime/s:

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

is this a friend? or a potential lover? whoever he/she is, remember this....

Even if you have failed in love
someone, somewhere, can give you the courage to try again.

Even if you have failed in life
someone, somewhere, cares.


Greenikz Ü said...

@Rolyn: Whoa! Hehehe...

Thank you, Rolz. =) Dili ra nako i-bulgar kung friend ra ba siya or potential lover kay ma-sakspan nya ko. ^_^ Hahaha! Pero layhan ko's message nmo nako, maka-inspire! Hihi. Thank you usob. ♥