A Happy Newbie

FM as in “Financial Management” is my major and I love it!

Know why I posted this topic with the pictures? It’s because I MADE IT MYSELF! Wahaha! I feel so happy that I was able to create something like this though I’m not so good in designing and lay-outing. But you know I’m trying. ^_^

 I don’t really have to brag this design for it’s too plain and simple. I believe you can also make one like this. This is just as easy as how you chew your bubblegum. And so, if you have installed Photoshop on your computers, you try. =)

I proposed this design to my course mates and fortunately, they liked it! *Clap clap!

I honestly want to have a course (major) T-shirt. Since nobody ever wished and planned for it, I used my initiative. I obviously and eagerly desire to wear this kind of shirt in public!

And so, tadaaaaa!!! My proposed T-shirt design. I hope and pray that we will be able to pursue our plans of printing this design.

And, oh! Thanks to Chanson for the assistance. =)

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