You Don’t Care At All

Last night when we spoke again
I was glad, and you don’t know…
That same night when we talked over
You were sad, and that I know…

You tried to get resembled
But I was too hesitant
You heard things like:
“No. Please. Let’s just be friends.”
And it hurt you, it hurt you a lot.

From that moment you stopped
Gone are the times that make me glad
No more mentioning about everything
Because you don’t care at all.

The next day you didn’t call
I was sad, and you don’t know…
That same day you did the ball rolling
You were happy, and that I know…

You dried your tears from then on
And stayed with your tough decision
I heard things like:
“I guess you were right. I have to let go.”
And it bumped me, it bumped me so.

From that moment you moved along
Gone are the moments that made you alone
No more holding on about everything
Because you don’t care at all.

I saw your name on one trending site
And you were busy with some new things
It reminds me of how it was before
Back when you still care about us a little more.

2 sweet lime/s:

Risha Kalra said...

I loved it so much. Beautiful poem Nikka :)

Cheers, smile always!

Greenikz Ü said...

@Risha: Thank you very much, Risha! I was really smiling upon reading your comment. Thank you for appreciating my humble poem. You know I came over your blog several times and I soooo love your posts!

Looking forward for your nice reads.

Xoxo! ♥