“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another:
"What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” 

Thumbs up to that very accurate quote up above! I am so much happy and grateful these past few days because I have a good friend of mine whom I can sing happiness with, someone who blends with me identically. We’re now closer because we have lots of similarities… and its super fun!

Let me introduce you to my beautiful and talented friend:

She’s Faith Garnet C. Patagoc, a junior Education student majoring in Pre-school and I call her “Peyt”. Most of us her friends call her that way.

She’s smart, skinny, preppy, bubbly, thoughtful, and she has a cute voice. She’s pretty in her own simple way. She loves to draw, to polish her nails with her nice work-of-art, to explore the wonders of the world, and to fly to Paris to fulfill her dream of becoming a great fashion designer by God’s grace.

She’s a good person, and she’s much of a happy-go-lucky teenage girl. But beware! Because once you do anything stupid to her, she’s going to make sure you’ll end up dead with her words although you’re literally and absolutely alive! Hahahaha!

We have this certain similarity and that is… we both love Taylor Swift! And our love for her grows stronger with our friendship every day! We have lots of plans like having our own T-Swift T-Shirt, strolling around down town to buy Swiftie stuffs like our ever-favorite headbands, plans of searching for her poster in all the department stores here in our place and buy one or more, another is celebrating her birthday on the 13th of December and buy cupcakes (Taylor’s favorite) with #13 candle on top… and we’ll blow it together! And our newest and ambitious plans of having a photo shoot with our thrifted vintage dresses just like Taylor’s. Aren’t they super cool and fun? I’m pretty sure these plans would really make our friendship sturdier like ever!

With all the growing plans that we have, one has finally realized! And that is our Taylor Swift blog which contains pictures, poems, drawings, and a lot more Swiftie stuffs for Taylor and for all the other Swifties like us! We posted one poem which we made within just a few hours. Isn't it pretty amazing? It’s entitled “The Story of Swift Magic” and it is solely dedicated to our dearest idol, Taylor Swift.

We’re planning to add more stuffs on it so we’re hoping that you could visit our humble blog, , and enjoy every single word and image we put for you our dearest swifties, and of course for our ever-beloved Taylor Swift. And oh, Faith has recently joined Blogger so please check her out and shower her some blogger love! Here’s her address:
Thank you in advance Swifties and much-loved readers! ;)

Wishing to have this girl stay in my life forever so I could have someone to deal with my crazy undertakings and my modest beginnings… Love you Peyt! *wink*

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