Sad Awful Love Song

Once upon a time
There was no you in my life.
I was content and happy
With the little things I got from them.
No silent cries and sad goodbyes
Just pure smiles and a healthy heart.

No wishes upon a star
But there was you who came unexpectedly.
I was surprised and startled
Yet I opened my door and let you came in.
Got no second thoughts and confusing queries
Only hopeful tries and an open mind.

One day, I shared our story under Mr. Sun
And he showed me how delightfully sunny he was.
He blessed us with his shades of yellow and abundant vibrancy
That made us stronger like ultimate fighters forever.
Never had silly arguments and blue loneliness
Merely joyful hearts and sparkling eyes.

But one night, I talked to baby moon
With little drops of tears on my right cheek.
Innocent baby moon got worried and moved closer to me.
He asked me what was wrong about our happy love story
And I said, “Baby moon, my everything was gone.”
He hastily went somewhere far and just left me a sad, awful, love song.

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