a new beginning

Welcome College life!
Highschool life has ended..and now, I'm facing another chapter of my life..So much has changed..including my physical appearance, they said. I have so many adjustments..It's really different now that I'm already a college student..my classes aren't continuous unlike before when I was still a high school student..I guess this is just the start of another sacrifice and competition as well..College life is definitely challenging!
When I entered this institution, I prepared myself for unexpected things to happen..First day of school was quite fun and tiring at the same time..I met new friends and instructors..

2 sweet lime/s:

Conney Murro said...

eeeeh..hahah!..''so much has changed jud d.i?! :D

Media-Girl said...

y?..watz ur first appearnce d.i?...lol!