I wanna tell you about me

I am : loving life even though it’s tough sometimes.

I think : I should start planning and sorting and preparing the things I should plan and sort and prepare for the next months to come. Haha!

I know : I am a good follower. And I'll do my very best to be a good leader, soon. Help me Lord. (fingers-crossed)

I want : to be matured enough to handle any kind of situations along the way.

I have : strong determination and motivation. I know I will succeed.

I wish : that our family will never be broken.

I hate : people who are too dependent and irresponsible in a sense that, they will not anymore do their part because they know you’re there, following their mess and taking over their tasks.

I miss: my high school buddies especially my best friends. *Sigh*

I fear : of losing the most important people in my life.

I hear : Taylor Swift’s awesome songs right now. Lalala… :3

I smell : the fragrance of my HiGreen Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer. :D

I crave : for Chicken Salad!!!

I search : for more Taylor Swift songs! Weeeee!

I wonder : why some people are just too irresponsible and insensitive.

I regret : not attending my friend’s debut. Got so jealous with their pictures. Huhu.

I love : being with my “family at home” and my “family in school”. ♥

I ache : when I see street children rooming around with no food to eat, and with no safe and permanent place to stay in.

I was not : able to eat Siomai for weeks. Wanna eat again!!!

I am not : as good, as pretty, and as talented as my idols… but, I’m trying to be one. Haha! Yes, I’m dreaming. :D

I cry : when it comes to my family.

I believe : that someday, I will be able to fulfill my personal dreams as well as my father’s.

I dance : when  I really have to, and when I feel like. Haha!

I sing : everyday! I even have my daily concert at our bathroom. :D

I read : anything.

I don't always : hang-out with friends during nighttime. I’m not allowed to, except for some special occasions. :D

I fight : when I need to. I fight when it’s already too much. I fight when I know I’m on the right track and they are not.

I write : to express how I feel, to share my memories and experiences, and to enhance my writing skills.

I win : when I fight back. Haha.

I lose : when I don’t fight back. Haha.

I never : want to personally hear people talking dreadful things against me. That’s obviously too painful.

I always : bear in mind that being a positive-thinker will help me achieve my goals in life.

I confuse : when I have to choose between two things I want to keep.

I listen : to my subordinates’ opinions and suggestions. I believe that as a leader, I should dwell on this.

I can usually be found : at school and at the Pylon Office.

I am scared : when I walk alone on a dark place with frogs on my way.

I need : to be more patient. I really really need to be more patient. Haha!

I am happy : when I’m appreciated. I mean, who doesn’t? Everybody wants to be appreciated with their good deeds.

I wake up : with a smile and with a prayer.

I sleep : after praying. I sleep after remembering the memories I’ve collected within that day. I sleep after planning some important things for the next day. I sleep after thanking Him for everything. Ü ♥

3 sweet lime/s:

liz said...
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liz said...

Hello sweetie! Thank you for dropping by my page and it's very heart whelming to know that I've inspired you somehow.
You're still young, so just enjoy life and never stop dreaming. Life's beautiful, and yeah sometimes it may knock you down, but as long as you keep on praying and smiling each morning you wake up, then you'll be fine.

Stay sweet,darling! :)

Greenikz Ü said...

Thank you so much ate eprilis! :) I may just know you through blogger but I hope someday I'll know you personally. Thanks for the sweet advices. Thank you for being an inspiration. May God bless you more, ate! ♥ :)