18th with my Pylon Family

 When my 18th birthday was fast approaching, I haven’t felt so excited. Maybe because I’ll be turning one year older and because I doubted if I can send you all to our house for the celebration just like my 17th.

But fortunately, you surprised me with a very magnificent advance debut celebration! I really wasn’t expecting for this fairytale-like event to happen. I thought it was only within my dreams that I could enter on a dim place with candles and raised petals beneath, to see myself on a wide screen with my favorite song as its background music, to dance with 18 guys that bring with them 18 roses, and with the bountiful food I would share with the rest of the family.

Thank you so much for this very unforgettable birthday experience my dearest Pylon family! I will never forget how you turned my fairytale dream into a true story! ♥ :)

2 sweet lime/s:

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

wow. happy happy birthday miss eic. ^_^

♥ greenikz ü ♥ said...

thank youuuuuu, te rolz! Miss EIC, din. :D