so cold!

for almost five weeks of being a pylon affiliate, i'm having this very nice feeling of always staying in the pylon office..wanna know why? because it's just so cold! >.<>

which is which?

it's just so hard to choose between the two things you love.. :(

Both of them really impressed me so much..they've been my inspiration since before..they both do things that makes me happy..and until now, they are still there, giving me that very special love which makes me more confused..i know i should not let anyone of them wait for nothing..maybe one of these days, i will be having enough courage to tell them..oh God! one thing that will really change is the treatment.. :( for sure i'll be having a hard time thinking about the very important decision that i will be making.. (sigh)

affiliates pictorial

i am very glad and proud to be part of the pylon..during my few stays in pylon, i am already experiencing many things which i haven't experience before such as this very fun and beautiful pictorial with my co-affiliates..i really copied our pictures to my usb so that i can upload it on my facebook..hehe :)

a new beginning

Welcome College life!
Highschool life has ended..and now, I'm facing another chapter of my life..So much has changed..including my physical appearance, they said. I have so many adjustments..It's really different now that I'm already a college classes aren't continuous unlike before when I was still a high school student..I guess this is just the start of another sacrifice and competition as well..College life is definitely challenging!
When I entered this institution, I prepared myself for unexpected things to happen..First day of school was quite fun and tiring at the same time..I met new friends and instructors..