My Sacrifice

All the stars in the sky have fallen
And we weren’t able to catch even one
All the plans that we have are now broken
And we will not be able to say goodbye under Mr. Sun

I wish I could stay a little longer
But their eyes are watching me so close
I know in time you’d be stronger
As you watch me dying like a rose

You’re rest assured that you will never be forgotten
For I had loved you with no regrets
Words of despair and anger, you have all spoken
Added with tears you shed under the faucet

You don’t say but I know you hate me now
‘Cause my reasons are too petty and it wouldn’t suffice
I may not be able to pursue our vow
But I know I did right and this will be worth my sacrifice

2 sweet lime/s:

nupur said...

very well written!

Greenikz Ü said...

Thank you nupur!!! :)